Where Stories Go To Be Shared

Stories are the backbones of the human experience. They teach us how to live, how to love, and how to look at the world around us. They make us feel things. They inspire. They give us voices. But when stories are brought to life in film, they have the ability to do even more – ​they can change the world.

Inspired by the idea of transformation, Group One Two Nine was formed to share the voices, visions, and stories that the world needs to hear and see.

We are a full-service production company who believes in the power of collaboration. Visual storytelling isn’t a one-size-fits-all medium. Each artist has their own vision for how their story needs to be told. Whether it’s a full feature film or a unique short, a daring music video or a groundbreaking television concept, we want to help you bring ​your​ vision to life.

Our creative team offers a wide-range of skills to each project we work on. Producer/director and founder Arma Benoit herself brings more than two decades of professional film and production experience to our team as well as an extended network of writers, photographers, cinematographers, editors, musicians, artists, and dancers to help bring any project to life. It’s that collaborative spirit that allows us to serve our clients at every step in the process, from initial concept to script to filming and to editing. An efficient, professional experience from start to finish.


When it comes to your story, you know how to tell it. We’re committed to remaining flexible so that we can adapt to any needs or changes and help you get it right, just the way you envisioned it. Artistic vision is a prized treasure, and we’ll make sure we treat it with the care and concern it deserves.

So here’s the deal – you’ve got a voice and a story to tell. Now it’s time to share it. Group One Two Nine is where stories go to be shared. We’re ready to partner with you to share yours.

We Are Group 129

Arma Benoit

Executive Producer/Director

Keaton Parker

Creative Director

Amanda Lippert


Wayne Johnson

Photographer/Camera Op


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